Ancient Lands

In our 2nd installment of pictures we take you to faraway places like Morocco and Egypt. Since we have spent so much time in Egypt, I have broken it down into areas again with the major cities listed. In addition, Margie has been working on a narrative that she was going to post as a newsletter, but Candi and I convinced her to use it for a narrative to this site. It covers our travels from the beginning until now, so we have made links back and forth to it at appropriate places. If you want to read the narrative all at once you can click on the button on the right to do so or simply go back and forth from the picture pages. As they say in Egypt, "as you like".
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Margie's Tales
Morocco offered several 'unique' experiences. We were only there for 2 weeks, but we did manage to cover a lot of ground before heading off to Cairo. You can tell from both of these places that we had crossed to a different continent.
Luxor and Aswan comprised what is referred to as Upper Egypt. These are the jewels of Egypt's treasures because of the concentration of Pharaonic ruins in this area of the country.
Luxor and Aswan
The oasis of Siwa was a special place. While it wasn't easy to get to, it certainly turned out to be worth the trouble. The people, the desert, and the donkeys all came together to provide an unforgettable experience.
The link to 'part1 of the trip' below goes to the separate page of links for Spain and Portugal. In an attempt to be neat and orderly, we are grouping main pages with countries that have similar cultures. The India link below takes you to the third installment of our trip which covers India and Nepal.
Part 1
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