The strays in front of Nandi, the bull from Hindu religion.

In our 3rd installment of pictures we use the same format as before, with pictures grouped from different areas. Unfortunately, our digital camera broke midway through India, so we have no pictures of Nepal or the second half of our India trip. However, as before, Margie has compiled a newsletter/narrative which includes stories of the entire trip on the subcontinent. You may read her latest narrative in its entirety by clicking the appropriate link to the right, or you may go back and forth by using the links on the individual picture pages.
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Margie's Tales
Our first "real" stop in India was also one of our favorites as it turned out. Beautiful beaches, great food, and friendly people were the norm in Goa. It made the 'go back to' list. Mysore, likewise was a complete delight and provided more of a look of the real India.
Pune and Aurangabad were two cities we passed through on our journey north. The latter is the home of the "poor man's Taj Mahal". We fortunately have a picture of this, since the camera broke by the time we reached the real Taj.
Pune & Aurangabad
Ajanta and Ellora were two sets of caves dug out of solid rock by Buddhist, Jain, and Hindu groups starting from 200 B.C. for the earliest ones and going to 1000 A.D.
Ajanta &
Kanha National Park was an opportunity to view wildlife that is usually reserved for visits to the zoo. We saw many types large game up close and personal.
If you missed our previous installments of trip news, you can backtrack by clicking on the Part 1 or Part 2 buttons below. We are moving on now to Thailand and then Indonesia. It is our hope to either repair or replace the digital camera in Bangkok, so keep your fingers crossed for future installments.
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